Developer(s) Team Moose Pie
Team members Jon Annal, Marcin Zemblowski
Scope June 2-6, 2014 ("Dreams")
Program(s) Unity
Genre Survival
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Rockitty: 9 Lives is a survival game created by Team Moose Pie for the Nitrome Jam under the theme "Dreams". The game uses graphics from an earlier Nitrome release: Rockitty. The player has control of nine Hearts and has to move them to avoid enemies and hazards to help Rockitty sleep well.


  • Number keys (1-9) - Move respective heart out of the way


At the top of the screen, there are nine hearts, with a gap that is equal to the width of two hearts. Each heart is numbered, and by pressing any number from 1 to 9, the heart labelled with that digit moves to the next free space. This maneuver must be done to prevent enemies and hazards ascending up the screen from hitting one of the hearts. When a single heart is hit twice, the game is over. Players are scored by the number of enemies and hazards they dodge, which is recorded in the game.


  • Space squids - Pause at the bottom of the screen upon appearing for a brief moment before moving up at a sudden pace.
  • Space cows - Float up at a constant rate, they span the width of two hearts.


Interactive objects

  • Heart pickups - A heart that was previously hit will be restored to full health upon touching this pickup.


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  • The logo for Rockitty is used as part of the logo for this game, the alterations from the original Rockitty logo being that the logo has a white outline, a black shadow, and the star-shaped hole in "o" is replaced by a heart.