Rocket ship
Rocket ship
Ability Flying and space travel
Game(s) In drmzzz

Rocket ship is an interactive objects in the game In drmzzz.


The rocket ship is shaped like an alarm clock with a circular body, two short legs placed near the middle, and two half-circle bells placed on top of the rocket ship with one on either side near the middle. All of the rocket ship is burgundy except for the center that is a glass circle that resembles a window. Laslty, visible at the back of the glass part of the rocket ship, is the faint markings of a hour and minute hand of a clock.

Game information

The rocket ship first appears at the start of In drmzzz as an alarm clock on a bedside table in the child's room. Once the child is put to sleep, the alarm clock's face disappears and instead becomes the window of a rocket ship. Upon a miniature version of the child boarding the rocket ship, it will have flames come from the bottom of it and fly into the air. The rocket ship will then land on a asteroid and stay there for the rest of the game.

Penguin 1

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The rocket ship is last seen in its alarm clock form awakening the child with its ringing.

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