Psy Cop
Developer(s) AlienCow studios
Scope June 2-6, 2014 ("Dreams")
Rank 1 1/2 stars
Program(s) Unity
Genre Platformer
Graphics 3D
Levels None
Credits Programmer

Psy cop is a game created by AlienCow Studios for the Nitrome Jam under the theme "Dreams". The player controls a man of whom little is known as Psy Cop freezes before the player can progress further.


  • Left Right - Move left/right
  • Up - Climb stairs


Psy cop screenshot

A screen shot Psy Cop with how far the player can progress at the bottom right

Psy Cop is contained on a single screen of which is divided into four floors with staircase allowing the player to move between floors. The first floor, at the far left, is where the protagonist starts off and contains a few pieces of furniture and some windows. Near the staircase, that is located at the far right, is a couch with knife lying directly in front of it. The player cannot walk past this knife and, if the player does walk past it, is shown to be continually moving and can move neither forward nor back.

The second floor is dimly lit with three wall lamps, a stone wall placed at the back, and a person that is seen continually seen lowering and raising their head, and a staircase located at the far left. The third floor is empty and has only black wallpaper and a staircase at the far right. The fourth floor is the final floor and has blue wallpaper, two windows, and few pieces of furniture, and a person that appears to be crying sitting on a bed on the far left.


Psy Cop was developed by AlienCow Studios. On June 4th of 2014 a basic sketch of the idea concept was created[2], with a walking animation for the main character posted the next day.[3]. The following day a picture of half of the game screen was posted[4].


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