Developer(s) Team Awesomotronica
Team members Tom McQuillan, Giuseppe Longo
Scope June 2-6, 2014 ("Dreams")
Rank 2nd
Program(s) HTML5
Genre Puzzle, Adventure
Credits Code
Tom McQuillan
Giuseppe Longo

Loop is a game created by team Awesomotronica for the Nitrome Jam under the theme "Dreams". The player controls a sleepless man whose goal is to get some fresh air and escape the "looping dream".


  • UpLeftDownRight / W keyA keyS keyD key - Move up/left/down/right
  • Z key - Review items
  • X key - Act


The player's mission is to get out from the house by exploring the house and finding items, which will help them in their progress. If the player does something wrong, the character dies and the game takes the player back to the start of the game.


Penguin 1

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If the player does do the following things, they will die.
  • Type the password without a password note.
  • Sleep.
  • Eat the candy, green plants, or the green pie.
  • Jump off the balcony.
  • Try to take the key from toilet without gloves
  • Touch the green slime in the bath tub.


  • When the sleepless man examines the buildings outside, he says "Worst view ever... A cat videos broadcast company and a stupid videogames dev studio just in front of my balcony... Such luck..." This is a reference to both Mewtube in Oodlegobs and Nitrome Towers itself.
  • The item Green pie is a reference to nasal mucus from the game Flue, as Giuseppe Longo who also did the art for Flue did the art for Loop as well.
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