Items are interactive objects in Loop.

Game information

This section contains the game's items and the in-game descriptions of them.

Penguin 1

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The items are used to access new places and obtain other items.

Purple boots- Belonged to Sleepless Man's sister. The character thinks she has a bad taste of footware. What he remembers of them, he used them once when a pipe burst in a bathroom.

Hairclip- The character thinks it as a joke about his baldness.

Snowglobe- "The essence of regret in a poorly crafted souvenir."

Gloves- "A pair of plastic gloves I used to make washing u.p"

Toy key- "A key with a teddy etched onto the surface."

Key- "My access to dreamland A.K.A closet."

Blowtorch- "A blowtorch with a gas tank attached to it. The gas tank is empty..."

Gas tank- "Just gas... Exactly what I say after some Chili con Carne."

Blowtorch with full gas tank- "A blowtorch with full gas tank? Now we are cooking!"

Pot- "Just an empty pot."

Candy- "Candies... Maybe it's too late for eating sweets."

Password- "S-O-L-O-M-O... funny word to use as password. Wait a second..."

Email- "[The dish of your dreams] Water, two hearts, something green and snow... Low heat on the stove for the time for a double click."

Pot filled with water- "I kinda try to forget the origin of this water."

Green pie- "I am starving, but I don't know if I should really consider this abomination as an option."

Red key card- "I'm about to see red."

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