Dream Trek
Developer(s) Jacob Klusaw
Scope June 2-6, 2014 ("Dreams")
Program(s) Flash
Genre Platformer, Adventure
Graphics Pixel

Dream Trek is an adventure platformer created by Jacob Klusaw for the Nitrome Jam under the theme "Dreams". The player uses the protagonist to navigate through the "dark dream world" and collect the five Moon Keys needed to open the portal.


  • Left Right Left and right arrow keys - Move in respective direction
  • Up Down Up and down arrow keys - Move vertically on ladders
  • X key - Jump
  • Z key - Use powerup once acquired


The game is set in a single expansive area that the protagonist can navigate through the use of the arrow keys. Players must obtain the Moon Keys found within the area as well as a powerup that is necessary for collecting them all.

Interactive objects


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Nitrome Jam 2014 - Dream Trek walkthrough05:50

Nitrome Jam 2014 - Dream Trek walkthrough

The Dream Trek walkthrough


Penguin 1

This navigational box contains a spoiler. Click [show] to open the box.

After crossing the portal, a black screen appears that reads in blue text "Thanks for playing!".

Dream trek ending

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