Kid wide awake
Gender Unknown (most likely male)
Faction Neutral
Status Awake
Game(s) In drmzzz

The child is a character in the game Jam:In drmzzz.


The child is seen for the entire game underneath sheets on a bed with only its head being visible. The child's head is a round circle of pale grey of which two circular eyes with black pupils are placed near the bottom of the child's head.

Game information

The child first appears at the start in In drmzzz staring out at the player. After the player closes the child's eyes, a miniature version of the child will come out of the child's head and go into the nearby alarm clock. The child will briefly awaken and the player has to close the child's eyes once again.

Penguin 1

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The child is last seen awakening with a purple worm coming out of its head.

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