Baku: The Dream Eater
Developer(s) ChrisJeff Games
Team members ChrissJeff, Yuya Takeda, NCH
Scope June 2-6, 2014 ("Dreams")
Genre Top-down platform
Credits Development
ChrisJeff Games

Baku: The Dream Eater is a top-down platform game created by ChrisJeff Games for the Nitrome Jam under the theme "Dreams". The player controls a young dream eater named Baku who eats dream bubbles while trying not to get caught.


  • Left Right Up Down Arrow keys - Move
  • Z key - Eat dreams
  • X key - Disguise self


The player needs to navigate their way around the house while avoiding obstacles. Certain objects respond to Baku's touch and may fill the "Alert" meter on the bottom of the screen. If the meter reaches its peak, a scene plays where a person wakes up and confronts Baku, forcing the player to restart. Once the player has filled their Energy meter, they can disguise Baku in order to reset the Alert meter.


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Nitrome Jam 2014 - Baku The Dream Eater walkthrough04:35

Nitrome Jam 2014 - Baku The Dream Eater walkthrough


Penguin 1

This navigational box contains a spoiler. Click [show] to open the box.


The end screen

When the player collects the last dream bubble, a fanfare plays as an image of a full Baku appears on the screen, with "Game Clear" displayed in colourful letters.

Interactive objects

  • Dream bubbles - Baku can eat dream bubbles to fill the Energy metre on the left side of the game screen.


  • Noisy objects - Noisy objects are scattered all around the house Baku is in and cause the alert bar to go up in various degrees.


  • If Baku gets caught and the player chooses to retry, the music stops playing. This also happens if the player completes the game and returns to the titlescreen.


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