Jack Frost
Jack Frost (left), and Purple Frost (right)
Gender Male
Species Ice
Faction Unknown
Health 3 hearts
Level(s) All levels
Status Alive,
in a winter wonderland
Game(s) Jack Frost

Jack Frost is the unofficial name given to the main character the player controls in the game, Jack Frost. Alongside this character is another, unofficially named Purple frost after its colour, which is only seen when the game is played in multiplayer mode.


Jack Frost and Purple Frost appear be made of ice, with jagged spikes of it coming off their heads like hair and icicles sticking down off their long noses.

Game information

As shown in the game, both Jack and Purple Frost have the ability to freeze any surface they walk on, with the exception of moving platforms and metal blocks. Both characters can also use this ability to temporarily freeze most enemies to use them as objects to jump on and reach higher places, or to prevent them from attacking. Enemies are frozen when a Frost jumps on their head. When one character walks over another character's ice, it will change into that player's colour.

Jack Frost percentage meter

The meter for player 1, with 30% of the level covered in their ice

In each level, the characters can not move on to the next area until the current level is entirely covered in ice. Both characters have only three health, dying once all this is depleted. Their health is represented by three hearts at the bottom of the screen, along with a meter tracking how much of the level is covered in that player's ice. At the end of a level in multiplayer, the player with the higher percentage of the level covered in their ice wins that round.

Other appearances

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