J-J-Jump juice
Rainbow Ball Juice
Ability Gives the player one jump out of five
Game(s) J-J-Jump

J-J-Jump juice [1] is a pick up in the game J-J-Jump.


J-J-Jump juice appears as a liquid that flashes between the colours blue, yellow, green, turquoise, purple, orange and red quickly. It can either appear floating in the air in the shape of a circle, or splashed on platforms.

Game information

J-J-Jump juice gives the Teeny hero one extra jump per piece. It is the only pick up in J-J-Jump, and one of the two objects in the game that refill the jump meter (the other being checkpoints). When the Teeny hero touches a piece of J-J-Jump juice, it will splash away and then disappear, granting the player another jump instantly. However, this only happens if the Teeny hero has one or more jumps missing from the jump meter.


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