Invisible Blocks
Invisible Blocks (Bad Ice-Cream)
Ability Barring access to the player and ice blocks
Game(s) Bad Ice-Cream

Invisible blocks are interactive objects in the game Bad Ice-Cream.


Invisible blocks have the red dotted outline of a normal block, but the inside is completely transparent. The blocks also appear to have the same 3D appearance of other blocks, but this is less obvious because of the red outline.

Game information

Invisible blocks cannot be destroyed and while fruit and enemies can go through them, the player and ice blocks cannot resulting in the player having to walk around them. Because of this, enemies can get to the player quickly with the player unable to run away. Sometimes fruit can get "stuck" inside an invisible block due fruit moving back and forth inside an invisible block contained area which, because the player cannot access the fruit, forces the player to reset the level.

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