This article is about arrows from B.C. Bow Contest. For arrows from other games, please see Arrows.

Invincible arrows
Invinciblearrow 1
Price MochiCoins: Free (with MochiCoins account)
Post MochiCoins: Free
Abilities Cannot be blown up.
Game B.C. Bow Contest

Invincible arrows are special arrows in the game B.C. Bow Contest.


An invincible arrow looks like a regular arrow, but much larger, as it has a wider shaft, larger fletching and a larger arrowhead. Invincible arrows are yellow-orange in colour.

After they have been fired, invincible arrows will create a force field around themselves, this force field being white and circular and completely surrounding the arrow.

Game information

Invincible arrows were previously only available through having a MochiCoins account, but with the removal of MochiCoins they have become free to use in multiplayer mode and obtain in single player mode.

Invincible arrows can not be blown up by any other arrows that utilize explosives. Once an invincible arrows hit a target or another object, they will create a circular force field that completely protects the arrow from harm. The force field exists only to protect that area from explosives, and does not act as a barrier to other arrows in any way, unlike shield arrows. Other arrows will fly through the force field normally.

When a bomb arrow or other explosive projectile is used on the target that has an invincible arrow, invincible arrows will simply remain unaffected by the explosion and will stay firmly in place on the target. This method is a good way to permanently retain points in a certain area, as the opponent will be unable to remove an invincible arrow.


Cannot be blown up by other arrows.


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