This article is about interactive objects from Stumped. For interactive objects from other games, please see Interactive objects.

A list of interactive objects in the game Stumped.

Finish lines

Stumped checkered tiles

A finish line

Finish lines appear as checkered square-shaped tiles. These tiles have to be stepped onto by the severed foot in order to finish the level. Once the foot reaches the finish line it will jump and make 360 degree spins repeatedly, and electricity will appear above the foot. After this happens, the player will be notified that he/she has completed the level.


Tiles are interactive objects in Stumped. The severed foot can walk on tiles, some which may have an effect on it.

Tan tiles


A tan tile

Tan tiles or normal tiles are the first type of tile introduced in Stumped. These tiles appear as wooden tan-coloured blocks (light-brown in colour), hence their name, and serve as a floor in the stage. Tan tiles cause the severed foot to turn ninety degrees clockwise. They are the most common type of tiles, since they make up most of the levels in Stumped.

Metal tiles


A metal tile

Metal tiles are the second and last type of tile introduced in Stumped. They are light-black in colour and made of steel, hence their name. Metal tiles send electricity through the severed foot and cause the bolts on it to become electrocuted and glow. Stepping onto these tiles will cause the foot to turn counter-clockwise unlike tan tiles. They appear rarely in Stumped.


Blocks are a type of object in Stumped. Blocks appear as cubical objects which the severed foot cannot pass through. There are two types of blocks: gate blocks and sloped blocks.

Gate blocks


This section is about gates from Stumped. For gates from other games, please see Gates.

Gate blocks are a type of block encountered in Stumped. Gates appear either coloured purple or green, and are blocking the way to the exit in a level. They can be unlocked by having the Key the same colour as the gate touched. If the foot runs into a gate block, it will turn to the right, and keep walking.

When the gates are unlocked, they will recede into the floor, leaving purple or green marks on the floor in their places, which the foot can walk over. The gates appear as green/purple blocks with a big, black key hole in the middle, a screw one either side of the keyhole.

Sloped blocks

Sloped blocks are a type of block in Stumped. Sloped blocks appear as tan tiles, only sloped up. Sloped blocks act as walls, allowing the foot to go up only one way. Sloped blocks are commonly encountered
Stumped sloped tiles

Sloped blocks

in rows, and commonly are only gone up once. The severed foot cannot move at all why on a sloped block. Sloped blocks are encountered often in Stumped, usually in levels that have keys.

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