This article is about interactive objects from Rainbogeddon. For interactive objects from other games, please see Interactive objects.

These are interactive objects from Rainbogeddon. Each has its own special abilities.


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Ability Granting access to the next level
Game(s) Rainbogeddon
Pills are interactive objects found in each level of Rainbogeddon.


These appear as small white squares.

Game information

The player(s) must collect all of these in a level to complete it. The game counts how many each player has collected in a level.

Countdown squares

Countdown Squares
Countdown square
Ability They count down the number of pills that a player has consumed.
Game(s) Rainbogeddon

Countdown Squares are interactive objects in Rainbogeddon.


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These are blocks the size of a wall. They have a certain number of pills on them that it will count-down to. It is lined with rainbow colors.

Game information

This tile will not disappear until the requirement amount of pills have been consumed. Once consumed they disappear, granting access to that area to players. They cannot be destroyed, and enemies and grey creatures alike, cannot walk through them.


Teleporter (Rainbogeddon)
Ability Moves the player
Game(s) Rainbogeddon
Teleporters are interactive objects that the player must move over to activate.


They are multiple single-colored squares on one black tile. Unlike the power-up teleporter, it is orange and will take you to the next teleporter in the series.

Game information

There are usually two in a level featuring teleporters. One teleporter will take the player to the second teleporter. The player can enter them in any order and can still be killed by enemies while on the teleporter.

Wall-changing mines

Wall-changing mines are interactive objects in the game Rainbogeddon.


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Game Information

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These interactive objects allow the player to eat the walls like pills. They do not, however, allow the player to eat indestructible walls. Also, enemies cannot move through the walls, even when the Mine is activated.


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