This article is about interactive objects from Flightless. For interactive objects from other games, please see Interactive objects.

This is a list of the interactive objects encountered in Flightless.


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Red gems

Red gems
Monster respawner
Ability Respawns enemies
Game(s) Flightless(demo),Flightless

A monster respawner resurrects a blue bat

Red gems are small, square objects which resemble a red version of the gems the player collects encased in a wooden box. Each red gem is linked to a certain enemy in its room. When that enemy dies, the red gem will respawn the monster in the space under it, within a few seconds elapsing. The number of red gems in the room determines how many enemies can be in the room at a time. Thus, if there are three red gems, the maximum amount of enemies in the room will be three.

Red gems cannot be destroyed, nor interacted with, nor prevented from respawning enemies. An enemy being respawned will cause no harm to the player for a few seconds of being respawned. Red gems can be anywhere, they are not restricted to a certain spot. Despite the number of red gems in the room determining how many enemies can be present, room 32 features a single red gem, and the maximum of two enemies being present in the level.

Gems do not spawn just enemies, one of room 23's red gems will respawn boxes.

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