This is a list of the interactive objects in the game Dog House.



This section is about lifts from In the Dog House. For lifts from other games, please see Lifts.


Lifts are one of the first interactive objects in Dog House, introduced in level two. It has the appearance of a hollow black rectangle with rounded edges. The top of the lift is a little thicker than the bottom, and on the top there is a little blunt object sticking out.

Lifts appear rather commonly in Dog House. To use a lift, it must have a path for the lift to travel up and down, with the use of lift pieces. Next, the dog should have a path to the lift area. Then, the player must move the bone to a place where they want the Dog to go, and the Lift will come down/up, take the dog, send him up/down through the house, and drop him off.

Wired pieces

These pieces are first introduced in level six. These consist of three parts - the gate, the cables, and the power box. These pieces appear rarely in Dog House.

Power box


Power boxes are the main source of power for the powered gates. The area the power box occupies looks like a regular room but it has a camera attached to its ceiling. The camera is a white rectangular prism with a shiny brown lens. Below that, there is the white rectangular power box with a keypad and a screen. A cable is coming from the box and is going through the brick.

A power box's power can be transferred via cable to powered gates. This will lift the powered gate, allowing the dog to walk through.



Cables are the main way to transfer power from the power box to the powered gates. The cable piece appears to look like a regular brick piece, but has two grey cylinders running through it.

These block's only purpose is to transfer power to the powered gates, and nothing else.

Powered gates


Powered gates are the third part of the wiring system. These are often placed in areas where the dog needs to go on his path to the kitchen. These have large black gates that block the path of the dog. On top of the room is a security camera, like the one seen in the power box's room, and another box with a cable sticking out from the top of it. 

When the power box and the powered gate are connected by cable, a click sound would play, and the gate will open.

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