Interactive objects are a type of objects in Nitrome games that do not harm the player, rather, they help the player. Hence the "interactive" part of their name, interactive objects can be interacted with by the player. For a list of interactive objects, please see Category:Interactive objects

In terms of pages, interactive objects may also refer to:

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Interactive objects (Coil)Interactive objects (Dog House)Interactive objects (Droplets)
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Interactive objects (Mallet Mania)Interactive objects (Nitrome Must Die)Interactive objects (Rainbogeddon)
Interactive objects (Roly Poly)Interactive objects (Rustyard)Interactive objects (Sandman)
Interactive objects (Scribble)Interactive objects (Silly Sausage series)
Interactive objects (Small Fry)Interactive objects (Stumped)Interactive objects (Super Treadmill)
Interactive objects (Tiny Castle)
Interactive objects (Turnament series)Interactive objects (Vault)Interactive objects (Worm Food)
Interactive objects (Yin Yang)
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