This article is about blocks from Gunbrick series. For blocks from other games, please see Blocks.

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Interactive blocks
An interactive block in Gunbrick
Ability Moves when a switch is activated
Game(s) Gunbrick

Interactive blocks are interactive objects in the Gunbrick series. Two types of interactive blocks are encountered: regular interactive blocks, and red and green interactive blocks found only in Gunbrick mobile.



Interactive blocks in Gunbrick are square with a green crossing pattern on them that has a white square in the middle. Their appearance is visually quite different that that of the other blocks in Gunbrick, having a futuristic appearance instead of being rock like.

Gunbrick mobile

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Game information


Interactive blocks are caused to move via switches, where they move at a medium speed. These blocks are used for various functions in the game, such as being a platform or part of a platform or blocking enemy bullets.

Gunbrick mobile

Regular interactive blocks in Gunbrick mobile act the same as in Gunbrick, though they take on some different roles, such as one being used early in the game to transport the player to a different part of the level, though they are still used for various purposes that help the player.

Red and green blocks

Red and green blocks are a new type of interactive block. Places where they appear are indicated by that designated colour on the walls. Red and green blocks cannot both appear at the same time, only one colour can, and this colour is dictated by the switch that operates them.

Hitting this switch will cause one colour to retract (disappear) and another colour to extend out (appear). If a block retracts (appears) and the player is in its spot, they will die. Though the switch is seen to operate these blocks, it also seems to control the colour of screen of the movie theater in the level it appears in.

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