Information holograms are interactive objects in the Cheese Dreams series.


Cheese Dreams

Information holograms are rectangular and bordered in yellow. White text is viewed on a brown background.

Cheese Dreams: New Moon

Information holograms gain a completely different appearance than their Cheese Dreams appearance. Information holograms are circular and glow with neon blue light. They have an illuminated letter "i" in the centre of the circle, used to represent the symbol for information. Around this i is a light blue line that forms a circle. After an information hologram is used, they stay the same shape, but instead become white outlines of it instead of neon blue.

Game information

Cheese Dreams

Information holograms have no actual effect on the game or the player. Instead, they serve as signs to give a player a tip or a hint about the level. They also display the thoughts of the moon.

Cheese Dreams: New Moon

Holograms are interacted with when first passed, and when passed, bring up a box at the bottom of the screen that contains the contents of the message, complete with an avatar of the character who is saying the message's content.

Once a hologram has been viewed, it becomes an outline of itself and will not activate again when passed. Instead, the player has to be touching it and press the Up key to see its message. Information holograms can be viewed and lowered by pressing the W key or Up key.

Penguin 1

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