Inflatable orange goo
Inflatable Orange Goo1
A non-inflated inflatable orange goo
Attack Dangerous on contact
Abilities Inflating
Health Cannot be killed
Points N/A
Game(s) Swindler

Inflatable orange goo is an enemy in the game Swindler.


Inflatable orange goo have two appearances: their non-inflated appearance and inflate one. When they are in their normal form, they have a UFO-like appearance. Non-inflated orange goo have a circular body tilted back 180°, with a bump pushing out of the middle, this bump having small circles on them along with the the eyes and eyebrows of the goo.

Below the circular body are the small legs of the goo. Inflatable orange goo fly by flapping its flexible ends of its circular body.

Inflatable Orange Goo2

Inflated inflatable orange goo

The inflated appearance appears as a large circle, with small bulbs on it. tentacle like arms extended out on the sides of the creature.

Game information

Inflatable orange goo is first seen on level eight. Inflatable orange goo are the orange goo counterpart of inflatable yellow goo. Inflatable orange goo possess similarities with inflatable yellow goo, such as both at a medium pace following the player, and both attacking the player in a certain way when Swindler is neared.

When the orange version gets close enough to Swindler (not actually touching him, but very close), it will fatten up, then inflate to be four times its size, stretching its tentacle like arms out. Unless Swindler can get far away from it before it inflates, Swindler will be killed. They are rather easy creatures to get away from, and will fly where the player last was if Swindler passes through wall green slime.


  • Inflatable orange goo is likely based off pufferfish from Aquanaut, as both at first appear small, then inflate into giant spiky balls of a shade of their main colour.
  • Inflatable orange goo and inflatable yellow goo both fly in a way similar to a jellyfish's way of swimming.
  • Inflatable orange goo appear similar to dodge orange enzymes from the Test Subject series, as they can both become spiky.

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