Industrial Pirate Cloud
CB Pirate Cloud
Gender Unknown
Species Cloud
Faction Evil
Three blows
Level(s) All
Game(s) Colourblind

The Industrial Pirate Cloud[1] is the antagonist and boss of the game Colourblind.


The Industrial Pirate Cloud (as its name implies) is a big thunderstorm cloud which is puffy. It has a tooth and a black eye patch, which has a thunder-mark; it also has a thunderbolt on its head which is stuck inside. The Industrial Pirate Cloud appears to be constantly frowning. There also appears to be a long grey scar where its right eye would have been. It has small hands which appear to have gloves and short arms.

On level twenty, the Industrial Pirate Cloud removes its eye patch and places the left eye where its right eye would be.

Game information


The right eye and the left eye were taking a walk through Vitreous Woods, when the Industrial Pirate Cloud snatches away the left eye. Angered, the right eye goes through many trials to chase down the Industrial Pirate Cloud.

Colour Blind - Introduction00:29

Colour Blind - Introduction

The introduction of Colourblind

Penguin 1

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Eventually, the right eye comes to the pirate factory, where it further traverses, eventually coming to the lair of the Industrial Pirate Cloud.

The Industrial Pirate Cloud eats the left eye, the left eye popping up where the Industrial Pirate Cloud's right eye would naturally be. The right eye kills the Industrial Pirate Cloud by causing water to pour on him, damaging the pirate cloud so much that it flies out of its lair and explodes, releasing the left eye.

Colour Blind - Ending01:02

Colour Blind - Ending

The ending of Colourblind

In game

Levels 1-19

The Industrial Pirate Cloud appears at the end of every level above the finish line, carrying the left eye. When the player comes to the finish line, the right eye will look angered as the pirate cloud flies away.

Level 20

Penguin 1

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The Industrial Pirate Cloud also appears in the penultimate level of the game as a boss that the right eye must defeat. In order to defeat the Industrial Pirate Cloud, the right eye must make a waterfall flow on him three times. In order to do this, however, several actions need to be taken, such as activating platforms and defeating enemies. The right eye also discovers the reason for why the Industrial Pirate Cloud kidnapped the left eye, to replace his injured right eye.
Colour Blind - level 20 ending02:33

Colour Blind - level 20 ending

Level 20


Penguin 1

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  1. - Avatars → Industrial Pirate Cloud: Industrial Pirate Cloud from the game Colourblind.

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