This article is about icicles from Frost Bite and Frost Bite 2. For icicles from other games, please see Icicles.

Icicles (Frost Bite)
Attack Falling down on the Eskimo
Damage One fourth of a health bar
Health One blow to the floor
Game(s) Frost Bite and
Frost Bite 2

Icicles are hazards in the games Frost Bite 1 & 2.


Icicles appear as upside-down triangles of ice, like a real icicles. They are coloured blue on the outer edges and white on the inner portions. They appear to be very sharp and pointy, which explains why a falling icicle might harm the Eskimo.

Game information

Frost Bite 1 & 2

Icicles appear in both Frost Bite games attached to the ceilings. When the Eskimo walks directly under an icicle, it will start to shake on the ceiling and will eventually fall, shattering when it hits the ground. The Eskimo loses one fourth of their energy if hit by it. The icicle will fall no matter the distance between the Eskimo and the icicle, although this only applies if there is nothing obstructing the fall path from the icicle to the Eskimo. If there is an object that prevents the icicle from hitting the Eskimo, such as another platform, it will not fall.

Upon shattering on the floor, it will soon respawn on the area of the ceiling it was before. The horned cyclopes monster and giant white walruses use the falling of icicles as an attack, by jumping and sending vibrations through the floor when they land, which causes all icicles on the above ceiling to fall.


  • If the invincible glitch is used in Frost Bite 2, and the Eskimo goes through the area with the giant white walruses, they may come to an area where the icicles are stuck in midair, not moving, and will not hurt the Eskimo if they go past them.
  • In Frost Bite, after the boss is defeated, some areas that has falling icicles may harm the Eskimo even when the icicles are not on the ground.

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