This article is about icicles from Enemy 585. For icicles from other games, please see Icicles.

Icicles (Enemy 585)
Attack Falling; dangerous on contact
Damage Death
Health One hit to a platform or Turner; will respawn if Enemy 585 dies
Game(s) Enemy 585

Icicles are hazards in the game Enemy 585.


Icicles are coloured with different shades of blue, starting with dark blue at the top, aqua in the middle, and light blue at the bottom. They are triangular shaped and face downwards.

Game information

Icicles are attached to snow, and reside on the ceiling of snow covered areas. Once Enemy 585 walks underneath one, it will start to fall. Turner can block them with himself, as they will not fall through him.

Icicles will not respawn after falling, which can make areas with them easier to go through the second time around. However, if Enemy 585 dies, the icicles will respawn.

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