This article is about icicles from Chick Flick. For icicles from other games, please see Icicles.

Attack Dropping from the ceiling
Damage Stuns squirrels
Health One hit to the ground or a squirrel
Game(s) Chick Flick

Icicles are hazards that only appear in level seven of the game Chick Flick.


Cone-shaped, icicles are pale blue, much like the colour of the background of level seven. Three dark blue lines circle around the middle of the icicle unevenly. The top of the icicle is slanted rather than parallel with the ground. Three of them dangle from the ceiling in the levels they appear on.

Game information

Stunned Squirrels

The squirrels stunned

When an icicle on the ceiling makes contact with any bounced object or chick, it shakes from side to side. Once the icicle has been hit three times, it drops to the ground. Upon hitting the ground, it shatters, and a pool of water will momentarily appear.

The squirrels are prone to falling icicles, and they will be stunned for a shot amount of time if hit by an icicle. This is signified by the X's in their eyes and stars circling their heads. Chicks and objects cannot be bounced while the squirrels are stunned, even if it lands on the trampoline. After an icicle has fallen, a new one will come out of the ceiling a few seconds later.

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