For the series, see Ice Breaker series.

The arena

Icebreaker is an arena in Bump Battle Royale, serving as the third level in the campaign. This arena comes from the Icebreaker series and takes place in an icy tundra.


The arena is square in shape and has no walls or barriers of any kind, with the exception of four pillars located on each corner of the arena. On top of each pillar, which is made of wood, is a brown nest of sticks with a chicken inside of it. On each pillar is a round Viking shield. Two of the shields are red and brown, one is green and yellow, and one is blue and orange.

The arena itself is a large, square slab of solid ice. Frozen inside the ice is a Drakkar with three Vikings inside of it. The arena is made of slippery ice and has several cracks throughout it.

Game information

The Icebreaker arena is the third level in the campaign. It is unlocked for Multiplayer mode after completing it in Campaign Mode. It also serves as one of the possible arenas for level four, the first Royal Rumble level.

Level three has the player dueling against an Icebreaker Viking, worker with cap, and worker with shaved head.

The Icebreaker stage has one hazard: the icy floor, which increases how fast the player moves. The player has to exercise caution navigating the level, as accelerating too much can cause the player to slide off the edge.

The Icebreaker arena appears in the trailer for Bump Battle Royale.

Arena exclusive quotes

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  • The chickens will cluck if the player knocks into the pillar they sit on.
  • Chickens will occasionally flutter overhead.

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