Ice Breaker A Viking Voyage contains a considerable amount of beta content, much of this content being beta images of levels. Despite this, some beta content has also been early names of characters and unused characters.

Beta levels

Under Dwell Level 23: Squash Blocks

The level with the corridors of fists had its architecture changed from a cave to an underground castle, along with some art added and some removed. Seen in the second Ice Breaker A viking Voyage trailer is a corridor, this corridor possible having the second previously seen corridor (the one with cave architecture) connecting to it.

Under Dwell Level 9: Sounds of the Sea

The snail shell level has been partially changed. Rock was added to the top-left section of the level, and a treasure chest on a wooden stand was added to the left of the longboat.

Troll Marsh level 4: The Big Sneeze

This level had the main rock structure raised out of the water, a fourth patch of slime added lower down under the curve of the rock, an entire rock with slime and a troll on it added under the slope of the rock, and the shape of the ice changed.

It should be noted that although in the second picture the longboat is more farther down in the water, it is likely the longboat will display the bobbing method used throughout all other Ice Breaker games, where the longboat bobs up and down. Coins have also been added.

Under Dwell level 19: Da Bomb

This level has added background art - art of a wrecked ship is seen in the background. A sign on how to use ice bombs is also present. On the right side of the wooden pillar is a complete number-and-buttons background, which is incomplete in the first version of the level. Coins are also now present. It it not known if this is all the beta elements of the level, as not all of the level is seen in the first picture.

Troll Marsh level 7: Isle of the Goat

Nothing has been changed except for signs that show where that a goat should not go into the longboat, and a viking should not go into the Goat Herder's boat. Also, this level was previously called "Get Your Goat", and its par was 5. In the final version of Icebreaker A Viking Voyage, it is called "Isle of the Goat" and has a par of 3.

Also the original quote of Icebreaker was "Keep them things away from me! Their eyes freak me out!" The quote was changed in final version.

Under Dwell level 7A: Shipwreck

This level had some of the ice modified - some of the curves in the ice adjusted and new patches of ice in different places. New art was added - specifically a wall on the right side of the stage and the pointy ice structure having some art added to it. Coins have also been added.

Hammerfest level 5: The Cutting Master

The level has been very slightly changed - the middle wooden platform with the viking on it has had the triangle and beam structure replaced with a straight beam and right-facing slanted beam that is connected to the straight beam by a curve; the place where both ends are connected has a wooden shield like object added over that section.

Along with the change in the beam, the art present on the previous beam has not been carried over to the new beam. The ice in which the viking is frozen in now has three downwards pointing pieces instead of one.

Also the "They don't call me Cutting Master for nothing!" quote was removed.

Under Dwell level 16: A Link To The Blast

This part of the below level underwent very minor changes, mostly art being added or switched around. On the left side of the level, gears were added to the background. On the lower three cannon platform, nests were added (as non-interactive art), while on the second three cannon platform, the far-left nest was moved to the right.

Two new coins were added in that sections: a coin above the far-left cannon of the middle three-cannon platform, and a coin to the left of the far-left cannon of the highest up three-cannon platform.

Troll Marsh level 23: Chicken Coop

The level seen in the first Ice Breaker A Viking Voyage trailer, the level that was apparently set in a barn full of chickens, this level was modified to make the level easier, which involved lengthening several ropes, chains, and several of the outer openings.

The second slope of the level (seen in the First part (beta) screen shot below) has had the outer opening extended down (as seen in the second image below). The cage attached to a chain has had its chain lengthened. The completely visible sloped platform in the third image (the image with the caption Second part (beta)) had the outer opening lengthened (as seen in the fourth image in the below gallery).

Along with this, the slope below the previously mentioned slope, part of this slope was merged into the previously mentioned slope's second version (seen in the fourth image).

The bottom section (the section with the stationary troll and treasure chest) of the third and fourth images in the below gallery are both very similar, except for the ropes in that section being lengthened, the outer opening of that section being lengthened, the chain lengthened (the one attached to the cage), and the below short sloped platform brought lower down.

Hammerfest level 1: The First Cut

What is the first level of the game was changed, this change being in the non-interactive art. The wood in the level was either pushed up farther, or the background was brought down lower, as the background in the first version image (first image below) does not match up with the second version image (second image below).

What was changed in the second version image that was not present in the first versions image is that the parts of the ice that are on top of wooden rectangles, the parts below the rectangle were lengthened by a few pixels. Along with this, multiple chickens were added around the level. What underwent the most changes was the left pillar of the level, this pillar having a seat for the Viking.

Along with this, a treasure chest on a rope was added above the head of the viking, the horizontal wooden pillar brought down a bit, the diagonal pillar in the background faded, the upper horizontal wooden pillar removed, the rope with fish on it made to be in an arc instead of a diagonal line, and the white bag like object moved upwards. Bolts were added in multiple places in the level.

The >>I button being changed is covered in the beta icons section of this article

Under Dwell level 20A: Hitting the Spot

This level - like the fist cave level - had its cave wall changed to a green brick wall. Along with this, the moss under the platform the frozen Viking is on, this plant was also removed. The upwards-moving slanted platforms had their bolt replaced with a gear, and the opening to that section being expanded to allow objects to enter it more easily.

The catapult-like structure was also partially modified, the bolt that has a rope attached to it (the one not attached to the ice) having a shield added around the bolt, and the bolt nearest to the V shaped section of the catapult, this bolt having an even larger shield added around it.

The wooden support for the catapult was also made lighter.

Troll Marsh level 13A: Ye Olde Mill

The right side of the level had a small island added, this island having a wooden post with a torn sail, hanging from this sail being a rope attached to a treasure chest; a crow is present at the top of this post and below it.

On the windmill island, the post with the green and yellow flags - the one placed at the right end of the island - had been moved a bit to the right. Also, on the top-left side of the island - the rocky part with a bolt on it - the moss bush has been expanded over this rock.

Hammerfest level 3: Two Finger Scrolling

This level went over a moderate change, mostly changes in the non-interactive art. The rock underneath the fabric the viking is on, this rock was removed. The large chunk of ice at the far right side of the level may have also undergone changes, however, this is no certain as the second version picture of the level (second picture below) has had two cuts made to the level, these cuts likely made to this mentioned ice.

The sign explaining how to cut was changed - what was previously a two finger hand with its fingers on a circle was changed to a two finger hand with each finger on a circle, this hand placed at what seems to be an eighty degree angle, this hand amongst upwards pointing ice.

The long upside-down arc rope - the rope connecting a platform with a chicken sitting on fabric with another platform - this has had fish added to it. The top-left platform in the level - that platform that was originally a straight beam - has underwent the most changes. The far right part of the beam that originally had a chicken now has a treasure chest instead that is next to bird droppings.

The beam in question that was previously one whole beam has now been divided up into two beams, the smallest piece of the beam being where the treasure chests resides; this part having a bolt on the left end of the beam, this bolt connected by a rope to another bolt, this other bolt attached to the longest end of the beam.

Although it seems as though the longest part of the now-split platform has had its longest part changed, it actually has not changed, as the camera (in the second image below) has been moved a bit to the left, exposing a previously unseen part of the board.

The chicken on the top of the second board has been moved. Several small and generally unnoticeable changes have also taken place in the level, notably the bird droppings on the light coloured plank that is connected to the upper-left plank. Along with this, several of the bolts in the level have been moved. The treasure chest platform has had its grey bolt removed and replaced with a dark grey rope-attached bolt.

On the right-most platform with the fabric and chicken on it, a bolt has been added to the fabric.

Troll Marsh: Level 6: Do the Barrel Roll

An early version of the level lacked troll snot on the right-most platform. Furthermore, in an early version of the level pack 2 map, the level's icon was positioned too far away from the level ahead of it.

Troll Marsh level 8: Chains

Evident from early screenshots of the map of Troll Marsh, the level titled "Chains" in the final version of Icebreaker A Viking Voyage was previously called "Me Viking, You Chain". Furthermore, this same level originally had a par of 4, while the final version of the level had a par of 2.

Under Dwell level 7C: Hot Air Joyride

This level lacks the tickets shop, the Skull, and sign in the background, all these present in the final version of the game. Furthermore, the Troll in its boat is placed farther away.

Under Dwell level 13B: Kill a Troll

The Moon Apple Logo Incomplete section. You can help by adding missing info. Needed: Final version.
The booth the Skull is in lacks a chain underneath the booth, as seen in pre-release images.

Beta names

The Goat Herder was previously called "a Sheppard"[1] instead of The Goat Herder.

The Viking was going to be named Chief and/or Viking Chief as seen from Updates, Dev Diaries and Photo names.

Unused characters

During Update #6 "Evolution" on the Updates page of the Ice Breaker iOS website, Nitrome provided an image of several characters that were to appear in Ice Breaker A Viking Voyage, and the many transitions their sprite went through. One of these characters were the Valkyries, a gameplay element present in Ice Breaker and Ice Breaker: The Red Clan.

Although a sprite for them was created, it was decided Valkyries would not be used in Ice Breaker A Viking Voyage[2] (although a reason for why they would not be used was not given). A possible reason was that their use was superseded by rocks and other objects, or that they were taken out because there was no use of them.

Beta icons

As seen during the prologue of one level, the button that possibly allows the player to skip all dialogue (looking similar to a >>I button), this button was changed. The level in letterboxes, this button appeared at the top-right corner of the screen (but not in the letterboxes), this button appearing as a grey coloured >>I .

In another screenshot, this button was moved to the bottom-right corner of the screen (not on to the letterbox), this button now appearing as a maroon coloured >>I like icon on a light white background, this light white background on a wooden board.

The reason this button was changed was likely because in the original version, it may have been hard to see and easily able to be missed. In the new versions, it is more visible and easy to see.

Beta menu

The main menu for Icebreaker A Viking Voyage was changed, likely due to the change in the logo.

Beta maps

Troll Marsh

The Troll Marsh level map was - at the time of being revealed - incomplete, lacking several levels.

Level 13C: Finger of the Gods is missing from the map; in the section with crows, a level branching out from the path pointing upwards, this section has not been added yet.

Level 19B: Magnet of the Gods is not present on the map, as the place where it is in the final game - between the two levels with Runes and a Viking on their level icon - is not present. Furthermore, the square that comes after this aforementioned place, at the middle of the right side of the square, the map art of Chickens near a wooden chicken, this section is not raised up, nor is the mountain with the chickens on it present in the version of the map.

The aforementioned part of the map that has the side of the square of levels, this section only has one level that have not been completed, instead of a level after this not being completed. The Gate Keeper is also visible, instead of being in a box (as how he would appear if the player has to advanced far enough up to to him). Also, after the Gate Keeper is only one level, instead of two in the final version.

Unused level entrance method

In early updates (around Update one), it was said that certain levels could be entered by finding entrances to the level inside another level. This was later taken out, as it was never seen in any other levels at the time of the first three level packs.

Unused God Power

A God Power titled "Nudge of the Gods" was created by Nitrome and experimented with at the start of development of the Kraken level pack, though the God Power was ultimately scrapped[3]. Though what this God Power did is unknown, it is known that it would be permanently active.[3]


  1. Ice Breaker A Viking Voyage - Updates - Update #1 "Sidequests" → We can see in this first pic an idea in which a Sheppard has lost his goats which are scattered throughout the level.
  2. Ice Breaker A Viking Voyage - Updates - Update #6 "Evolution" → The valkyrie is one of the characters that didn't make the jump from the web series to the new version, even though we had a basic re-design finished already.
  3. 3.0 3.1 3.2 Game Developer's Blog - Nitrome: Icebreaker: Glorious Gloves! → Comment by Nitrome: There are no new God Powers in the new pack update. We did back when we started the update toy with a new perma-power called Nudge of the Gods but decided not to pursue it. The problem with the power ups is not that nobody buys them...they do, but each one ads a layer of what the player could do in a level which makes testing take much longer. We may consider more in the future but not for this update I'm afraid., 2 April 2014, retrieved 9 Oct 2014.

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