Ice skaters
Attack Dangerous on contact
Abilities Can skate on frozen blocks
Health Cannot be killed; can be frozen by jumping on their head
Points N/A
Game(s) Jack Frost

Ice skaters are enemies in the game Jack Frost.


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Ice skaters have a blue, egg-shaped head with purple fins on it. One visible purple fin has the enemies' eye. Their head is tilted so that the larger part of it is facing foreword. The creatures have an unusually small body, with their two small blue arms, purple hands attached, and two small legs.

Game information

When first seen, ice skaters simply walk back and forth on the track. When they reach a patch of ice, however, these enemies travel at a quicker pace and begin skating on the surface. They are very dangerous while on ice, due to their speed, and are usually located in small areas. They are not prevented from being frozen, and are encountered very late in the game, and in numbers also.

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