Ice shooting creatures
Ice Headed Creature
Attack Dangerous on contact
Abilities Shooting ice out of its head
Health One fall into the ice
Game(s) Thin Ice

Ice shooting creatures are enemies that only appear in the game Thin Ice.


Ice shooting creatures seem to be based of volcanoes, with characteristics to squids. They have a spread out blue body that curves up. On top of the body is a cylinder, used for attacking. The creature has two yellow half closed eyes, an a small mouth with two visible teeth.

Game information

Ice shooting creatures move around the ice, rebounding off edges. When the player approaches it, it will fire three pieces of ice out of its head. The Ice will target an area the player way before, and then begin to hit the ground.

They will take a bit of time to hit the ground after being fired. The player can find where the ice will be by seeing the shadow of it increasing in size. Ice shooting creatures are easy to sink as they make straight movements.


  • Ice shooting creatures have similar abilities to the ice-launching machine from Bad Ice-cream 2.

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