Ice monsters
Abilities Freezing the plunger
Health 1 hit
Game(s) Plunger

Ice monsters are enemies introduced in level 17 of Plunger.


Ice monsters are square shaped with rounded corners that protrude outwards when they move. Their entire body is blue, with a white diagonal stripe running downwards to the left. They have two darker blue eyes that are seen as vertical lines spaced evenly near the top half of their body.

Game information

Ice monsters are found in levels 17, 20 and 23. They are first encountered in the game alongside fire monsters, and like fire monsters, are generated from spawners. Upon their creation, ice monsters move in diagonal lines, bouncing off solid blocks and walls when they hit them.

When an ice monster makes contact with the plunger's ropes, they disappear and cause the plunger to freeze. The player is unable to change the direction of the ropes and will only be able to move the plunger along the ropes that are already set within the level until the ice breaks.

The effects of an ice monster are similar to ice nodes, except that the plunger's body is also vulnerable to touching an ice monster. If an ice monster lands on the plunger's body, it will cause the plunger to freeze and disintegrate. This forces the player to restart the level they were currently on.

Ice monsters die when they touch any part of the plunger. They can also be killed with lasers or using power pills.

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