This article is about ice crystals from Frost Bite series. For ice crystals from Avalanche, please see Ice crystals.

Ice crystals
Ice Crystals
Attack Freezes the Eskimo
Damage None
Game(s) Frost Bite series

Ice crystals are hazards in Thin Ice. They appear as non-interactive scenery in Frost Bite and Frost Bite 2.


Ice crystals appear as ice in the formation of a crystal. Two rectangular pieces of ice are pointing in opposite directions diagonally. On the right side of the ice pointing diagonally are two smaller pieces of ice pointing out. Behind the two parts of ice pointing in opposite diagonal directions is a big part of ice.

Frost Bite series

Frost Bite 1 and 2

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Ice crystals appear in Frost Bite 1 and 2 as non-interactive scenery in the background. In Frost Bite 2, some levels have Nitrome characters that cameo frozen in ice crystals, these characters being the yeti from Snow Drift, Jack Frost from Jack Frost, and the first clan vikings from the Ice Breaker series.

Thin Ice

Ice crystals appear attached to parts of the ice the player skates on. They are hazards and can freeze the player on contact, temporarily. If the Eskimo skates into one, she will become frozen in a block of ice. She will continue drifting in that same direction, still having the same momentum. While frozen, the Eskimo skates automatically in the direction it was traveling when it touched the crystal.

It is possible, if tried hard enough, to alter the path of the Eskimo and gain some control over her. If she hits an enemy, she will bounce off it in the opposite direction she hit it. Becoming frozen does not stun the player, thus, the player receives damage every time they hit an enemy. Seconds after being frozen, the Eskimo will free herself from her frozen state. Ice crystals are not placed close to each other, but far away.


  • Ice crystals serving as background art then becoming interactive is very similar to plums in Super Feed Me, as in Feed Me they served as background art and in Super Feed Me they will be able to be interacted with.

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