This article is about ice blocks from Bad Ice-Cream. For ice blocks from Cold Storage, please see Ice blocks (Cold Storage).

Ice blocks
Ice Block
Ability Blocks enemies
Game(s) Bad Ice-Cream

Ice blocks are interactive objects used by the ice cream characters in the game Bad Ice-Cream.


Ice blocks are light blue in hue, with lighter lines stretching diagonally to show reflection. They are cubic with rounded corners.

Game information

They sometimes are already on a level, but the player is able to create ice blocks with the action key and break them whenever or if they want to. The ice cream characters also fire them out of their mouth as defense/attack.

Snow machines and warthogs are the only two hazards and enemies, respectively, that are able to create ice blocks other than the ice cream characters.

Any normal enemy will be blocked off by it, but the duck can jump over them. Also, the orange, green and blue squids are able to smash them with their head, and crusher ice blocks and narwhals can crush ice blocks by smashing into them.

The fire balls fired from volcanoes can melt ice blocks upon contact. Ice eaters can absorb ice blocks and later fire them at the player as bullets. Finally, cannons can fire ice cream characters, momentarily giving them the ability to crush ice blocks while they are flying through the air.

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