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Ice Temple
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Released December 6th 2010
Main feature An assortment of Nitrome characters in an Ice Temple
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Full bcbowcontest

Dracula T-U

Ice Temple is a skin released for the website on December 6th, 2010. The skin takes place in a temple of ice, with several ice blocks and platforms, frozen rivers, and Nitrome Characters moving about in it.

It features some of Nitrome's newly released games at that time, as well as hinting Bad Ice-Cream, Rush, The Bucket, Canary and Steamlands.


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In the Ice Temple skin, the Blast RPG knight is seen flying and in front of him the Climber is seen skating and in front of her Chiseler is popping up from the ice. On the left side, the bearded man is seen running away from the parrot ball. On the right side of the Climber, Billy is seen on a treadmill being coached by Uncle Rico. Behind them, the vanilla ice cream is seen being crushed and while the chocolate ice cream watches it and strawberry ice cream makes ice. 


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The climber from the Frost Bite seriesRibbit from the game with the same nameRibbit from the game with the same nameThe boy knight from Blast RPGBilly from Super TreadmillUncle Rico from Super TreadmillChiseller from the Chisel seriesThe parrot ball from SquawkThe bearded man from Enemy 585A fisherman from Worm FoodA squish block from Enemy 585The Egyptian bird from Temple GliderThe young Norse warrior from Sky SerpentsThe ice dragon serpent from Sky SerpentsThe yellow Triclopian soldier from BulletheadThe red Triclopian soldier from BulletheadA first clan viking from IcebreakerA raven clan Icebreaker from the game Icebreaker: The GatheringA frozen first clan viking from IcebreakerZapo from Fault LineStrawberry from the Bad Ice-cream seriesChocolate from the Bad Ice-cream seriesVanilla from the Bad Ice-cream seriesThe magenta runner from RushThe orange runner from RushA squished pink runner from RushThe yellow runner from RushThe raccoon from The BucketThe mystical flying fish from The BucketThe mystical flying fish from The BucketCanary 214-LE from CanaryA tank from SteamlandsA tank from SteamlandsThe ice dragon serpent from Sky SerpentsIce Temple


Hidden avatar gift

On December 24 2013 and December 23 2014, Nitrome hid two avatar gifts in the Ice Temple skin, obtainable only by those who had a Nitrome account. Clicking the gift grants the viewer an avatar.

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  • The same version of the Egyptain bird appears in the background of Nitrome's Twitter account.
  • This game has hinted the most games of any skin, with 5 games.
    • However, the previous winter skin - Snowman - hinted the most components of upcoming games, with eleven.