Attack Shooting yellow goo downwards
Health One blow (when hit while the payer is under the effect of an invincible pick up)
Game(s) Cave Chaos
Hurls are enemies from the game Cave Chaos.


Hurls have a pale, pink, worm-like body. Hurls have two, pink, pointy ears and pink, beady eyes. They have  open mouths, from which yellow goo continually drops out.

They seem to have two yellow teeth on the sides of their mouth. When they are killed (by the three-orb powerup), it is seen that Hurls have two small feet and a round, plump body.

Game information

Hurls attack by spitting yellow goo downwards, which will slow down the player if they are hit. Most times, they have yellow goo under them because it keeps dropping from its mouth. Hurls cannot be killed at all, except when contacted with the pick up that gives invincibility.


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