The human piloted nanobot has three forms in Nanobots. It can change its form by entering a mutators, and while in its different form it has a slightly different appearance and uses a different weapon. Every form (except its weaponless Form) is coloured the same colour as a team, and wields a weapon that can damage enemies part of that team. The human piloted nanobot cannot stay as one form for the entire level or game, as its weapon it uses only damages one type (two if weapon stealer are counted), while the other two enemies are immune to it, forcing players to switch between forms.

The human piloted nanobot has four forms: bullet form, orb form, bomb form, and weaponless form. The human piloted nanobot always enters battle in one of its four forms, except weaponless form which it only enters after being robbed of its weapon by a weapon stealer. The player cannot return to a previous level at a higher phase.


Throughout the game Nanobots, the human piloted nanobot can be upgraded. When upgraded, it become more powerful and its form/weapons (sometimes both) are upgraded. The human piloted nanobot is automatically upgraded only and at the start of a few certain levels. The human piloted nanobot does not have its health increased or its speed at which it moves.

Phase one

The human piloted nanobot starts off Nanobots in Phase 1. In Phase 1, the weapons are at there weakest. The human piloted nanobot, regardless of form, looks exactly like it is weaponless, but is in fact not. On the back of the Nanobot is the colour of weapon the Nanobot is using.

The human piloted nanobot fires bullets in its bullet form out of what probably acts like its mouth. The Nanobot in its orb form uses its Phase 1 orb which rotates counter clockwise, and when in its bomb form drops circular bombs that make a small explosion. The human piloted nanobot stays in Phase 1 up until level four.


Phase two

The human piloted nanobot's enters phase two on level four. Its attacks are upgraded to be stronger, also, the forms the human piloted nanobot changes to have something that looks like a mask of some sort added to the face. The nanobot's bullet form has two more cannons added, for a total of three lines of bullets. A two pairs of cannons are also attached to the front of the nanobot, drawing energy from its pink coloured back.

The nanobot's orb form has a second orb added, one that rotates clockwise. No additions to the face are added. The nanobot in its bomb form has a gas mask like mask added to its face, which purpose is unknown. The bombs have a different appearance than its previous version, with points and an electric field added to the bomb, the electric field which cause the bomb to explode. The player stays in phase two up until level six.


Phase three

The human piloted nanobot enters phase three on level six, which it stays in for the rest of the game. The human piloted nanobot is its strongest, and is dangerous from all directions. Additions are added on the back of the nanobot's forms. A rear cannon is added for the Nanobot Bullet Form, which looks like a sci-fi repeater gun, making a total of four cannons.

The nanobot in its orb form has a rear orb added that strikes at enemies, and yet again nothing has been added to the nanobot's body. The nanobot's bomb form has two metal pieces added to the back. The bomb's dropped have the electric field, but the actual bomb is the phase one bomb. Upon exploding, grenades are flung in all directions. Many human piloted nanobot's in there three forms are seen moving around in the ending for Nanobots.



The human piloted nanobot has four forms. Three are only used for battle, while one is its primary form.

Bullet form

The bullet form is the human piloted nanobot's first introduced form in Nanobots. The bullet form is commonly used, and the most used form in the game. The human piloted nanobot usually starts a level in the bullet form, and often stays in it for some time. The human piloted nanobot enters its bullet Form when going through a cannon mutation. Pink is the colour of the nanobot's core when it is in its bullet form.

The bullet form is named for its use of weapon, pink bullets, which its fires out at great speed. These bullets disappear upon reaching a designated point not to far off from the nanobot. Cannons are added to the human piloted nanobot the more it is upgraded, in fact, phase three of the bullet form has cannons covering up almost all of the nanobot's body. The human piloted nanobot's bullet form is suited for combat with team pink's hordes of Nanobots.


Bullet form phase one

Bullets are fired out of what seems to act like the nanobot's mouth. The human piloted nanobot appears weaponless, but is not.

Bullet form phase two

Four cannons are added to the face of the human piloted nanobot. There are actually two sets, a pair of cannons on each side of the nanobot's face. Each set has wires going across the top if its body, leading to its core. Bullets are fired from between two cannons, and although there are four cannons, there are only three lines of bullets fired: one from the middle of the nanobot, and a line between two of the added cannons.

Bullet form phase three

Phase three adds a cannon to the rear end of the nanobot. This cannon looks like a sci-fi repeater gun. This guns is helpful as the player now has there back guarded from enemy attacks. This makes a total of four lines of bullets, making the human piloted nanobot very powerful.

Orb form

The orb form is the second introduced form in Nanobots. The orb form is commonly used, but not as much as the bullet form. If the player does not start a level in bullet form, they will most definitely start in orb form. The human piloted nanobot can enter orb form through entering an orb mutation. The orb form colours the nanobot's back green. The weapon used when in orb form is the orb, which is obvious what the form was named after. At first the nanobot's starts off with one orb, but through automatic upgrades at the start of levels, it gains another orb per upgrade.

The nanobot in orb form attacks by ramming its swinging orb into green enemies, which can be dangerous in phase one as the player has to get very close to enemies when trying to destroy them, which is even harder to do on moving enemies. Killing enemies is made easier through further upgrades, which add more orbs eliminating the danger. The orbs gained in phases one and two rotate around the nanobot, creating a deadly circle. One rotates clockwise while the other counter-clockwise. A third orb is gained which trails behind the nanobot, an orb which speedily strikes passing green nanobots and random matter.

One notable difference with the orb form making it unique from the other three is that the orb form uses no ammunition as it uses no attacks needing ammunition, also, the nanobot does not have any additions to its body, as the other forms gain through upgrades. The human piloted nanobot's orb form is designed for close combat and melee combat with team green's nanobots.


Orb form phase one

In phase one, the nanobot wields the counter-clockwise turning orb that rotates around the nanobot. The nanobot has to get very close to enemies to destroy them, this being even more difficult with moving enemies.

Orb form phase two

In phase two, the nanobot in its orb form gains a second orb, one that rotates in the opposite direction of the first, clockwise. This orb eliminates the danger of attacking green nanobot, and also makes it much easier to destroy them, as a second ring of danger around the human piloted nanobot is added. Unlike the two other forms who have an addition to there body, the nanobot stays the same as it did in the last phase.

Orb form phase three

A third orb is gained in phase three, only this time it is added to the end of the nanobot. This orb trails behind the nanobot, is small, and very helpful. This orb strikes at green nanobots and random matter. Upon striking it will return to its place behind the nanobot, then strike again shortly. It will stay longer on random matter, to reveal it to the player. The nanobot in orb form does not have anything added to its body.


There is a glitch that only occurs in phase three of orb form. If the player is in phase three and goes past a nanobot that is not green, the small orb will attach itself to the enemy nanobot and will not come back until it is out of range.

Bomb form

The bomb form is the third and final form introduced in Nanobots. The bomb form is uncommonly used in Nanobots, possibly due to the lack of appearances pf yellow nanobots. The bomb form is named for its use of weapon, bombs, which it drops in its trail. The human piloted nanobot can enter the bomb form by entering a bomb mutation. When in bomb form, the core of the nanobot is coloured yellow. The nanobot in bomb form does not lay bombs whenever it moves, it lays bombs every few seconds. Unlike other weapons, the human piloted nanobot in bomb form is vulnerable for attack most of the time as it is only protected from behind.

The only other option is to run and drop bombs. It is hard to destroy yellow nanobots in phase one as the player has to drop bombs in there path which are dropped every few seconds, when the player is unaware the bomb will be dropped. In further phases, a red field is added to the bomb that will cause the bomb to explode when the field is entered by an enemy. The bomb form is hard to use due to its uncommon bomb dropping. The human piloted nanobot's bomb form is suited for battle with the team yellow's nanobots, who also drop bombs.

The bomb Form is helpful in some situations when the player is being chased, as enemies like titan yellow nanobots and random matter will chase the player, both are also able to be damaged by the Nanobot's Bombs, which the player has to lead the chasing enemies into. This makes it easier to destroy these enemies than other forms, which if chased by these enemies have to turn around, while the bomb form does not have to turn around.


Bomb form phase one

In phase one, the human piloted nanobot in bomb form lays small circular bombs that make a small explosion. These bombs explode on contact if a yellow nanobot comes in contact with them. This phase makes it hard to destroy yellow nanobots.

Bomb form phase two

Phase two makes the bombs dropped more powerful, and easier to use. The bombs have a red field around them that cause the bomb to explode if any enemy wanders into it. This actually makes the bomb bigger, as the field acts like the edge of a bomb. Along with the new bomb, a gas mask like mask is added to the face of the Nanobot.

Bomb form phase three

The bombs in phase three are similar to the bombs in the previous phase, only the middle bomb is the phase one bomb, and upon colliding with the red field around the bomb, the bomb explodes and grenades are tossed up, down, left, and right. This bomb is very useful as if placed right, it can destroy nearby yellow nanobots. Two pieces of metal are also added to the back of the nanobot.

Weaponless form


The Human Piloted Nanobot Weaponless

The weaponless form is the fourth and primary form in Nanobots. The weaponless form is not introduced by the game, instead, it is the human piloted nanobot's primary form it enters if it has no weapon. The weaponless form is quite different from the previous three forms, as the game does not tell the player about this form, the form has no weapon; so the player is entirely vulnerable for attack. The player cannot enter the weaponless form through a mutator or at the start of a level, and there is no other enemy nanobot form of the weaponless form.

The player can only enter the weaponless form through being hit by a weapon stealer, which will steal the player's weapon and leave them without a weapon. When in the weaponless form, the nanobot's core is grey or pink, and the player appears as a phase one nanobot without any weapons. When in this form, the player should immediately try to get to a mutator. When without a Weapon, the weapon stealer will not hunt the player down.

In some parts of nanobots, the player is sometime in a form and has to avoid enemies until the mutator to destroy the enemies comes, which is actually like being weaponless as enemies only the colour of the core of the player's nanobot are the only types of nanbots able to be harmed by that nanobot form.


  • The human piloted nanobot's orb form is the only form which remains in it phase one body through phase two and three.
  • The yellow colour of the bomb form is possibly a reference to Toxic from the Toxic series, as Toxic wears a yellow coloured suit and drops Bombs.

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