In Nanobots, whenever the human piloted nanobot changes to a different form through entering a mutator, it has a slightly different appearance: its back is changed to a different colour, and the Nanobot uses a different attack.

This attack is also used by the enemy team of the same colour of the mutator the Human Piloted Nanobot entered to get into that form. There are three different types of weapons in Nanobots, each weapon being able to only be used to destroy Nanobots the same colour as it.

One colour Nanobot weapon can be used to kill enemy nanobots that correspond to the colour of the player's weapon (i.e. pink bullets used to kill green nanobots). Weapon stealers are the only Nanobot able to be hurt by all types of attacks. All enemy nanobot attacks can harm the Human piloted nanobot, as enemy nanobots do not get there attacks from mutators. There are three attacks, all which can be obtained by entering the mutator of the same colour. Bullets through entering the cannon mutation, orb through entering the orb mutation, and bombs through entering the Bomb Mutation.


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