Hot Air Jr - Introduction00:35

Hot Air Jr - Introduction

The Hot Air family house in the intro of Hot Air Jr

The house is a location in Hot Air Jr which serves as the hub for the game.

The house contains the Hot Air family house and the backyard of the house. The game's entire story takes place here, with levels accessed through doors in the house.


The wallpaper of the whole house consists of medium sized vertical lines in the pattern of a light yellow line and a light black line. The whole floor is brown coloured.

Inside the house on the lower floor there are four doors, each door containing a level. Each door has a lamp over it. Two photo frames are hung on the wall, one is a photo of a younger Hot Air and his wife, and another photo of an older Hot Air wearing a top hat. Between the second and third door there is a potted plant.

On the upper floor there are three doors, leading to levels 5, 6 and 7. The ground and its walls are completely covered with spikes. Towards the left of the seventh level's door, there is another potted plant, and a key to the backyard.

Next to the fourth door, there is a staircase that leads to the changing room. The changing room's door has an icon of a clothing hanger, which has a lamp over the door. In this room, the wall next to the door can be passed through, which leads to a vent filled with spikes where a secret level can be accessed.

In the backyard, on the ground there are two doors leading to levels 8 and 9. A bonus level is present in the shape of a dog house instead of a regular door, this level named "Dog house". The doors to levels 10, 11 and 12 are placed on floating ground. Multiple mines are scattered around, with a purple bat flying around the area.

The top left of the backyard allows access to a long straight room. This room has three doors that lead to levels 13-15, each door having a star token as an icon and requiring star tokens to enter. Three crusher blocks are present and serve as the hazards in the room. The wall in the background has a big window and some pieces of wallpaper are shown to be torn out, revealing the wood in the room, with a huge cobweb seen hanging at the far left side of the room.

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