Hot laser beams
Heat laser
Attack Activating a laser
Damage One
Game(s) Final Ninja Zero

Hot laser beams are hazardous lasers in Final Ninja Zero.


Hot laser beams project a laser through a pair of projectors above and below one another. Hot laser beam projectors have a partly cylinder appearance, with rectangular parts of metal on the projector and an lightning bolt to denote the danger of the projector. The bottom Projector is a complete reversal of the bottom, and vice versa.

Game Information

Hot laser beams first appear in level three, and appear onwards throughout the game. Hot laser beams project an orange coil beam of electricity, some projecting it on and off, and others keeping it up all the time. This Laser will harm Takeshi if contact is made, resulting in a subtraction of a rectangle from his health. These projectors appear most of the time placed vertically, and some times horizontally.

Takeshi will sometimes have to fall or jump through an on and off turning Hot Laser Beam. Hot laser beams will also hurt Takeshi if a ninja rope is fired at it. Enemies are immune to effects of hot laser beams, and also will not get in the way of a hot laser beam. Hot laser beams also cannot be destroyed. Hot laser beams appear often throughout Final Ninja Zero, and commonly staying on all the time.

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