Hot Air balloons
Hot Air Head
Ability Granting the player points
Points Five hundred
Game(s) Chick Flick

Hot Air balloons are very rare and valuable objects in the game Chick Flick. Their only purpose is to award points to the player.


Hot Air balloons look extremely similar to Hot Air. They have two white eyes on them, pink cheeks, a red mouth, and a light-blue texture. The only difference is that the Hot Air balloons are missing the rope, basket, and the driver.

Game information

Hot Air balloons rarely appear in Chick Flick, making them very valuable. They bounce like normal chicks, and do not have any special abilities or precautions. Hot Air balloons are from Nitrome's first game - Hot Air - and is the normal face of the balloon in Hot Air.

If a Hot Air balloon is bounced into the nest, five hundred points will be added to the player's score. Five hundred is the most points a player can earn from an object in Chick Flick, the second most being one hundred from a worm. Its point value is most likely why it is so rare and valuable.


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