Hot Air Jr is the main character of the game Hot Air Jr.


Hot Air Jr is has a small, circular blue head. Most of the head are taken up with his white, oval shaped eyes. Directly below each eye is a rosy pink circle for his cheeks. In between the cheeks is a small, smiling, black mouth with one white tooth in the middle. Below the balloon is four navy blue lines (strings) that slant down into a small basket. Inside the basket is his driver, who is in a bean shape, and has the same appearance as his balloon (large white eyes, black mouth, pink cheeks). He looks similar to Hot Air in appearance, with slight changes.

Game information


Hot Air Jr lived at home with his parents - Hot Air and his Hot Air's wife. One day, his mom told him to go play outside, and his dad suggested playing with their dog, Squeak. Hot Air Jr agreed, and went outside to start playing with his dog.

While he was playing, however, a giant spike ball fell from the sky and kidnapped his dog. He surrounded Jr with mines, and then locked him inside.

Hot Air Jr - Introduction

Hot Air Jr - Introduction

The introduction of Hot Air Jr

Hot Air Jr had to travel through many dangerous areas to get the key, and later unlock the area where giant spike ball held his dog. He dueled the ball, and then:

There are two endings to Hot Air Jr. In one Hot Air Jr kills the giant spike ball, but in the other he spares him

Good ending

Hot Air Jr. defeats the giant spike ball in battle, and he surrenders and frees his dog. The dog recovers from the trauma after playing a game of fetch with Jr.

Jr Ending Good

Evil ending

Hot Air Jr beats the giant spike ball in the duel, and then kills him with a floating mine after he surrenders.

Jr Ending Evil

Game information

Hot Air Jr is controlled by the cyan fan, and is blown away from wherever the fan is blowing. If any part of him (including the basket or strings) touches a spike or enemy, he will take on a pained expression and then pop.


Hot Air Jr's design can be changed in the game by going to the dressing pad. When the player completes a level, a new design is unlocked for them to use. The designs are a variety of faces and emotions. The Mom, Dad, and normal designs are already unlocked when the player first starts the game.

When The number shown at the end of the description underneath each balloon is the number of the level the balloon was unlocked. PB underneath a picture stands for Primary Balloon.



  • If the balloon gets hit and the driver falls, he will either land on a platform or die from spikes. In the other Hot Air games, he will fall off the screen.