Hot Air's wife is a side character in the games Hot Air 2 and Hot Air Jr. She appears in the opening and ending of Hot Air 2, playing a big role in the story as well as being an unlockable balloon. She also appears in the introduction of Hot Air Jr, also appearing a playable balloon design.


Hot Air's wife has a brown basket at the bottom of her which holds her driver. The driver is pink with two white eyes and looks like a bean person. Above Hot Air's wife's driver is two ropes connecting the balloon to the basket.

In between the two ropes is two more ropes that possibly control Hot Air's wife. Connected to those ropes is the round pink head of the wife. On the wife head she has purple cheeks, a red smiling mouth, white eyes, and white eyelashes to enhance her female appearance.


Hot Air 2

Hot Air Girlfriend Cage

Hot Air's wife from Hot Air 2, in a cage

Hot Air and his wife first met in Hot Air 2, at this point Hot Air's wife being his girlfriend. When they were together, a flower dropped from the screen, and Hot Air asked if she would like it. She gestured "yes", and Hot Air accidentally knocked it over.

As he went to pick it up, Baron von Blimp swooped down and trapped her in a cage. The Baron then took off, with an angered Hot Air chasing after him.

Penguin 1

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Hot Air went through many challenges until he finally caught up to Baron and beat him in a duel. Hot Air freed his girlfriend, and they later married.

Hot Air Jr.

Later on, the couple bought (or built) a house, and had a son, whom they named Hot Air Jr. They also had a dog named Squeak.


Hot Air's wife does not appear at all in the game, but is an unlockable balloon design. Completing level twenty: Baron von Blimp, wins the player the design, which they can use. This is the only instance of her appearing in gameplay. She is also a primary balloon design in Hot Air Jr.


  • Baron von Blimp kidnaps Hot Air's wife for a unknown reason that was not specified by Nitrome. This is probably a reference to the Mario games where Princess Peach is kidnapped for absolutely no reason at all.