Horned jumping creatures
Attack Dangerous on contact
Abilities Follows the Eskimo
Health One fall into the ice
Game(s) Thin Ice

Horned jumping creatures are enemies that only appear in the game Thin Ice.


Horned jumping creatures have a furry almost spherical body. On that body is there mouth, which has several white teeth around. Coming out of the creatures mouth is a purple tongue, which seems to get stuck to the ice whenever they touch it. On there head is small curled horns.

Game information

Horned jumping creatures get around the ice by jumping, making large vertical jumps to advance a short distance. Horned jumping creatures will follow the Eskimo around, only ceasing this if the player moves as far away as possible from them.

They are hard to sink due to them being in mid air most of the time, the player having make a hole in the right place and lead the monster into it. Horned jumping creatures are difficult to sink when there are several following the player.

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