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Horned cyclopes monster
Horned Cyclopes Monster
Attacks Moving into the Eskimo, jumping to make icicles fall
Abilities Walking
Level 10-4
Health Six jumps on his eye
Game(s) Frost Bite

The horned cyclops monster is the second, and last boss in Frost Bite, appearing on level 10-4.


The horned cyclopes monster has a giant, close to circular furry body. Below his body are his two big, furry feet, and above his body are his two big brown horns which are curled a bit. On his body is his giant yellow eyeball, and below his eyeball on his body is his mouth, which has two small teeth sticking out on each side.

Game information

Once the fourth door in the level is entered, the battle with the horned cyclopes monster will begin. The creature walks slowly in a horizontal direction, turning at walls. Hooks on the walls can be used to get on the other side of the cyclopes, if the Eskimo happens to get cornered. It attacks by jumping, and upon landing, causes icicles on the ceiling to fall. To kill it, the Eskimo has to shoot its eyeball. The grappling hook will pull the eyeball out of its socket, allowing the Eskimo to hurt it. While it has been separated from its body, the body jumps up in pain. The eyeball bounces in the direction it was pulled out, and then bounces back in the direction of its body.

There is a giant yellow X on the eye. The eye can only be harmed by the Eskimo jumping on it and not with the grappling hook alone. Upon being harmed when separated from the body, it will begin to flash. When it reaches the eye socket of the boss, it will connect with the it and the boss will resume its usual behavior. The eye has to be jumped on six times before the boss is defeated.


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