Horn head monsters
Horn Head Creature
Attack Dangerous on contact
Abilities Walking
Health One blow to the stomach
Game(s) Frost Bite, Frost Bite 2

Horn head monsters are enemies in Frost Bite 1 and 2.


Horn head monsters have a purple furry body, having a pink stomach and feet. Two pink eyes are on its body, and pointing out of the top of his head is a big spike.

Game information

Upsidedown horn

A horn head monster stuck upside down.

Horn head monsters walk sideways, their stomach being the weak point. Because of the horn on their head, they cannot be jumped on. To kill them, the player has to fire their grappling hook at the creature, which will turn the creature upside down. Its horn is stuck in the ground for several seconds, and its exposed underside can then be jumped on to kill it.

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