Hooks are interactive objects in Frost Bite 1 & 2.


Hooks have two appearances, there Frost Bite 1 appearance and Frost Bite 2 appearance. In Frost Bite 1, they appear as small brown circles with a small arrow attached. In Frost Bite 2, they appear bigger, being a brown circle with a grey background that contains a vertical pointing arrow.

Game information

Frost Bite 1 & Frost Bite 2

Hooks are found placed on walls, and often in groups that go up the mountain (to a point), or horizontally. Shooting a hook will pull the player up, exactly like shooting a platform and being pulled up. Often more the one is found, so the player is temporarily in the air as they climb up them. The player is brought higher up by shooting hooks than by shooting a platform.

Hooks lead up in a direction that cannot be scaled by going up platforms, and are sometimes placed closed to an area that contains lots of point granting items, or an Eskimo face or heart. Many are encountered in the game, which leads to the player grabbing one after the other while going up.


  • There is a glitch that when the player is falling in Frost Bite, if they shoot at a hook when they are falling, it is most likely they will not be pulled up. This is probably because all games up until Skywire were more glitchy then later games.
  • In Frost Bite 1, it is said that the hooks were left by other climbers.