This article is about crates from Powerup. For crates from other games, please see Crates.

Honey covered crates
Ability Sticks to other surfaces
Game(s) Powerup

Honey covered crates are pieces introduced in level 8 of Power Up.


Honey covered crates look like normal crates covered in honey with bees swarming around them.

Game information

Sometimes when they are presented in a level, bees will swarm around the honey on the pieces, while in later levels, the bees are no longer seen.

Bees underwater

The bees underwater

When honey covered crates are placed against a wall, a squishing sound is normally heard, and the piece will stick there. They are able to stick to any surface or piece, except for deadly ground, whose ability to eliminate pieces on contact also works for the honey covered crate.

Like wooden blocks, honey covered crates cannot be used to conduct the actual circuit between the two transformers, but can be used to support the structure. Because of their sticky ability, these pieces can be used to support higher structures against a wall since they can stay there without coming off of the wall.


When first introduced in level 8, honey covered crates have a tendency to lose their stickiness once removed from the wall they are first fastened to. It is not known if water is the reason for this, or if it is just a glitch, since level 8 is the only level which makes use of honey covered crates over a surface of water.

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