This article is about rockets from Bullethead and Nitrome Must Die. For rockets from other games, please see Rockets.

Homing rockets
Homing Rocket
Attack Dangerous to the player
Damage One heart
Health Ten blows
Game(s) Bullethead and Nitrome Must Die

Homing rockets are hazards in the games Bullethead and Nitrome Must Die.


Homing rockets appear as a tiny rocket with orange flame coming out of the end, and have one yellow stripe going through them; they are smaller than the regular missiles.

Game information

Homing rockets are slower than their cousin the rocket, but more deadly. Homing rockets will come out of the sky in small numbers, and will try home in on the player, thus making them very hard to destroy. Because of this, they have to be jumped over most of the time.

The only way to dodge a homing missile is to wait for the right time; then jump over them. By jumping, the player increases the chances of be hit, so it is advised to gather multiple missiles before jumping.

Nitrome Must Die

Main article: Homing missiles (Nitrome Must Die)
Homing rockets appear in Nitrome Must Die, but as a weapon. Like in Bullethead, they will home in towards the nearest enemy, increasing in speed while doing so. Like in Bullethead, they can miss, although they can miss more frequently.
Homing rocket

The rocket on the steampunk skin

Other appearances


  • Although this is not a glitch, the rockets may sometimes turn when they're about to touch the ground. If this happens, they will not explode when touching the ground - since they didn't touch the ground. They will instead fly up, increasing the player's chance of being hit.

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