Ability Completes the level
Game(s) Small Fry

Home is the goal of each level in the game Small Fry.


A home is a place in which the small fries live; it is a stump in the ground with visible roots. It has a window, a door and a checkered mailbox flag. The home has a green-blue hue. The tree itself is probably brown, and it may be this colour because this game takes place at nighttime.

Game information

The player has to get at least one small fry to the house to complete a level. Once the player gets at least one small fry in the house, a button to end the level will appear, which the player can press. The mailbox flag will also go up. The player will get more points the more small fries they save. It is also possible to pick up small fries with the mouse and bring them into the home.

Penguin 1

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In the ending of Small Fry, the Small Fries appear to be all inside of a home.

The Small Fries in the home in the ending of Small Fry


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