Holographic screens
A holographic screen demonstrating the controls for Fault Line
Ability Show the player how to play the game
Game(s) Fault Line

Holographic screens are interactive objects in the game Fault Line.


Lights on the ceiling project them onto the level. The screens are basic screens, with a light coloured light floating across it, moreover, the screens are semi transparent.

Game information

The screens are basically up for teaching the player what to do. Zapo is represented as a small rectangular person, with the target reticule being a bit smaller then the usual one.

They first, and only appear on level one to teach the basics of Fault Line, including how to move and how to make a fault line. They don't appear in further levels as there is nothing left to teach.



  • The holographic screen is the first sign ever to be made by Nitrome in a game not to use text, instead, use actions and images. All previous signs were just text, explaining to the player what to do. This may have played a part in leading to the success of Fault Line.
    • This also may have lead to the use of signs without words in other games, such as Steamlands.

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