High speed mining carts
Ability Move faster than usual mining carts
Game(s) Cave Chaos 2

High speed mining carts are interactive objects in the game Cave Chaos 2. They first appear on level five.


High speed mining carts look like a more reinforced and streamlined version of the regular kind. They are shaped like nests or baskets, except with wheels. The cart consists of a brown wooden frame with a grey metal outer covering. It also has two grey metal wheels, a lever at the front, perhaps used to start and stop the cart, and a bright yellow light at the front, similar to those on the helmets of the miners. The bottom of the cart has alternating caution stripes of yellow in black. When the cart is being used, yellow sparks will shoot off the back.

Game information

High speed mining carts will tilt backwards and speed up. The player has control of the cart when it's sped up, and can make it jump. This is usually used to dodge obstacles in the cart's path when driving. High speed mining carts are radically different from the regular kind, as the main challenge in using them isn't to keep up with the falling blocks, but to avoid getting hit.

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