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Attacks Throwing the player
Picking up the player and throwing them on the ground
Abilities Uses hand related attacks
Level 2-4
Health 10 hits with hammer
Game(s) Double Edged

Hercules is the fourth boss in Double Edged. He is the major boss in level two.


Hercules has a small build and brown hair that covers his forehead. His long, shaggy hair covers his eyes, and he has a thick brown beard, through which his teeth can be seen. Hercules has tan skin and his chest is showing. He wears tiny gloves and beige pants.

Game Information

The battle with Hercules is difficult; Hercules uses two attacks, the first of which throws the Spartan(s) back, the second is to pick them up by the legs, jump up, and slam them on the ground.

After a certain amount of his health is gone, gladiators will come into the battle to fight the Spartan(s).

Using the bow and arrow is an excellent tactic, dealing damage to him from a long range, but he is too short to shoot with it which leaves the war hammer as the best weapon the player has against him.


  • When Double Edged was first released, there was a glitch which prevented Hercules from being killed. When they player entered the room where they fought him, he would just stand there, frozen, with a tiny white pixel in front of his mouth. The player could deplete two percent of his health with the hammer, but no more. If this happened, the player would have to quit the level. This glitch was fixed soon. The same glitch happened with Talos some time after Double Edged's release.